Power your development with voice

Build and maintain powerful frameworks using natural voice commands. Serenade augments your development process by adding voice to your workflow.


Backend work without the keyboard

Serenade enables you to add voice across your entire workflow. Write, test, and push your code entirely using natural voice commands.

Powerful server side commands

With fully supported backend languages, you can run powerful commands without additional tooling. So, you can maintain databases, manage APIs, test, and debug using voice right out of the box.


    Stop memorizing shortcuts

    Rather than memorizing hundreds of hotkeys, navigating through nested IDE dropdowns, and trying to remember esoteric language syntax, start writing code with natural voice commands.

    Use voice commands anywhere

    With a variety of speech engines to match what you’re doing, you can use voice to accelerate your entire workflow. Send messages, update documentation, or navigate the web without needing to use your keyboard.

    Start coding with voice for free today

    Experience the next generation of developer tools: start accelerating your workflow with the free version of Serenade. For an even more powerful experience, there's Serenade Pro.

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