Announcing our Seed Funding

November 23, 2020

Today, we’re excited to announce our seed fundraising and the availability of Serenade Pro, a new version of Serenade designed for commercial and closed-source projects.

We’re thrilled to have raised $2.1m in seed funding led by Amplify Partners and Neo. Amplify brings deep expertise in developer tools and machine learning products, and we’re excited to join Neo’s amazing community of founders and technologists. With our funding, we’re planning to grow the Serenade team and bring new functionality, plugins, and automations to the Serenade platform in order to make programming more efficient and accessible to everyone.

We started Serenade after experiencing first-hand how wrist and neck injuries can completely derail a career in software development. (In fact, much of the Serenade product has been created using Serenade itself.) It’s all too common for developers to find themselves in situations where they’re unable to sit at a desk and use a keyboard & mouse for hours on end, but are still eager to continue (or start!) coding. It’s frustrating, and oftentimes scary, to suddenly be limited or unable to work due to physical pain. Instead, Serenade aims to provide a new, more accessible way of writing code that doesn’t depend on these traditional input mechanisms without sacrificing efficiency.

“I couldn't do my job without Serenade. It's enabled me to keep working, keep coding, and keep doing something that I love.” — Josh, full-stack developer

Ultimately, we don’t think Serenade can be just as fast as typing—we think it can be faster. Not only can you speak much more quickly than you can type, but using natural language also means that you don’t need to memorize hundreds of hotkeys or syntax nuances in order to be productive. So, rather than needing to look up how to create an enum in Python or a for loop in Bash for the umpteenth time, Serenade enables you to describe code manipulations with simple, succinct voice commands. Similarly, rather than trying to remember that keyboard shortcut for selecting a method you want to delete, you can just tell Serenade “delete method”.

We view machine learning as a critical piece of that vision. Serenade’s ML can eliminate the rote, mechanical parts of programming in order to enable developers to focus on what they do best—expressing ideas and thinking critically—to make development more efficient, and even more fun. Whether you’re using Serenade to completely replace typing or alongside your keyboard to introduce more variety and flexibility into your workflow, coding by voice can help boost your development velocity.

To that end, we’re excited to launch Serenade Pro, which brings Serenade’s best in class speech-to-code engine from the cloud to your laptop or desktop. With Serenade Pro, all of your voice commands stay securely on your own device, with no audio data or source code being sent to any cloud service. We know how important it is to keep your proprietary source code secure, and Serenade Pro ensures that you can code with voice without compromising on data privacy. Serenade Pro makes no concessions on accuracy or functionality, so all of the voice commands you’ve already learned will work just the same (and often, even faster!), even with Serenade running locally. Serenade Cloud, meanwhile, performs speech recognition on Serenade’s servers, which makes it a great way to quickly try out Serenade or use Serenade on less powerful devices.

To check out Serenade Pro, head to

Together, the availability of Serenade Pro and our seed fundraising are important next steps in our mission to give all developers a voice. Stay tuned for more features coming to Serenade soon!