Serenade Changelog

October 15, 2020

  • Added the change all command for changing all instances of a string in a file.
  • Added the shift command for moving objects around (e.g., shift argument right and shift line up).
  • Added selectors for before and after, so you can say commands like after foo type bar.
  • Added the forward delete key for triggering a forward delete on macOS.
  • Improvements to background noise handling.
  • Fixed issue with chaining commands in VS Code (e.g., next tab line one).

October 5, 2020

  • Added first-class support for JetBrains IDEs via Serenade for JetBrains
  • Added first-class support for the Kotlin programming language
  • Added first-class support for the Dart programming language
  • Added VS Code debugger support with commands like start debugging, step over, and toggle breakpoint
  • Added the duplicate command for copying and pasting selectors
  • Added the surround command for surrounding selectors with text
  • Added the rename command for changing the name of selectors
  • Added the join lines command for combining multiple lines into one
  • Added the <style> <selector> command for toggling the text style of selectors (e.g., capitalize next two words)
  • Added the switch window command for toggling among multiple windows of the same application in macOS
  • Added the title case text style for formatting text In Title Case
  • Added shorter camel and pascal aliases for camel case and pascal case
  • Added stop listening as an alias for pause
  • Fixed issue causing the microphone to cut off commands too early

September 21, 2020

  • Visual refresh of client application and website
  • Added dictate command for speaking text without programming symbols
  • Added system command for typing text into native OS fields rather than the editor field
  • Fixed open command for VS Code remote projects
  • Fixed next/previous behavior in tutorial mode
  • Fixed parsing of files with comments inside enclosures