Code with voice.

Add, edit, and delete code.

Control your editor and windows.

Supercharge your workflow.

Scout the Songbird

    Code hands-free

    Use your voice to debug code, read documentation, and browse the web, all while stretching, petting a dog, or juggling.

    Rest your wrists

    Using a keyboard all day can cause wrist pain—whether you have an injury or you’re looking to prevent one, Serenade can help you be just as productive without typing at all.

    Develop using natural speech

    Use commands like add method init and add enum colors to quickly and naturally build code without worrying about the spacing and syntax.

    Stop memorizing shortcuts

    Refactor code by just saying cut first function or delete third argument. There's no need to memorize esoteric shortcuts.

    Control any platform

    With commands like focus terminal, next tab, and type hello, add voice control to any app across Mac, Windows, and Linux.

    Integrate voice into your workflow

    Serenade fully supports Atom and Visual Studio Code via native plugins, with support for more editors coming soon.

    Implement custom automations

    Use the Serenade API to automate any workflow, from compiling code to running tests.

    Work across multiple languages

    Use the same voice commands to write Java, Python, JavaScript/TypeScript, and HTML/CSS.

    Get the support you need

    Browse the Serenade documentation, view voice coding demos, and connect with our community to code with voice today.


    Serenade Cloud is free to use for personal and open-source projects. For enterprise and closed-source projects, download Serenade Professional.



    Unlimited usage
    Cloud speech and code engine
    Custom command API


    Coming Soon
    All Cloud features
    Local speech and code engine
    Priority support
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    Feature ComparisonCloudPro
    Monthly costFreeComing soon
    Unlimited usage
    Speech engine for code dictation
    API for custom commands
    Mac, Windows, and Linux compatibility
    Editor support
    • Atom
    • Visual Studio Code
    Language support
    • Java
    • Python
    • JavaScript/TypeScript
    • HTML/CSS
    Multi-region speech servers for lowest latencyNEW!
    • Oregon, US
    • N. Virginia, US
    • London, UK
    Local speech engine
    Local code transformation
    Priority support