Serenade Pro

Upgrade to Serenade Pro to use the most advanced voice programming experience with your closed-source and enterprise projects.

Serenade Pro

Pro Features

CostFreeContact us
Unlimited usage
Speech engine for code dictation
API for custom commands
Mac, Windows, and Linux compatibility
Multiple editors
Multiple languages
Speech engineSecure cloudOn-device
Code transformationSecure cloudOn-device
Priority support

Secure, fast speech-to-code

Serenade Pro runs completely locally, so all of your voice commands and source code stay securely on your device. And, with speech recognition happening on-device, your voice commands run even faster.

Enterprise approved

Your commands never leave your device, so there’s no need to worry about firewalls or VPNs. Serenade Pro is the perfect solution for your closed-source and enterprise projects.

Upgrade to Serenade Pro

Serenade Pro is currently in early access. Get in touch to learn if Sereande Pro is right for your business or needs.