Supercharge your workflow

Write code faster using natural voice commands. Use Serenade alongside your existing tools to boost your productivity.

Stop memorizing shortcuts

Rather than memorizing hundreds of hotkeys, navigating through nested IDE dropdowns, and trying to remember esoteric language syntax, start writing code with natural voice commands like “add enum colors”.

Automate your development process

Use Serenade's powerful API to create voice commands that script the mechanical parts of your workflow, from compiling code to running tests.

command("build", async api => {
  await api.focus("terminal");
  await api.pressKey("k", ["command"]);
  await api.typeText("yarn build");
  await api.pressKey("return");

Take a break from typing

Feeling stuck at your desk all day? Debug code, read documentation, and browse the web using only your voice—all while leaning back in your chair, stretching, or petting your dog.

Hands-free coding

Start coding with voice for free today

Experience the next generation of developer tools. A free version of Serenade will be available forever. Upgrade to Pro for professional projects.

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