Serenade Roadmap

Fall 2021

  • Go language support
  • Ruby language support
  • Rust language support
  • Improvements to speech recognition accuracy
  • Improvements to command understanding accuracy, so commands require less precision
  • Multi-part add commands, so you can create multiple constructs in a single command
  • Inferred formatting and symbols when adding code, so you can speak code even faster
  • New practice mode for learning Serenade commands

Summer 2021

  • C# language support
  • XML language support
  • Support for CSS and JS embedded in HTML
  • New custom command APIs for interacting with websites in Chrome
  • Chaining & auto-execution of custom commands

Spring 2021

  • Natural English models for dictating prose text
  • Dictation mode so you don't have to repeat command prefixes
  • Improved voice activity detection to handle noisy environments
  • Open-sourced the Serenade Protocol, a way to write your own custom plugins for Serenade
  • Integrations with the macOS and Windows accessibility APIs, along with a dedicated dictation box in cases where they're unavailable
  • Expanded the custom command API to include mouse clicks and positioning
  • First-class terminal support
  • ML-based command understanding layer