Get your career back

An injury to your hands, wrists, or back doesn't need to derail your career as a developer. With Serenade, you can be just as productive without using a mouse and keyboard at all.

Powerful out of the box

Serenade comes with all of the voice commands you need to be productive, not to mention its robust speech-to-code platform, with no configuration needed. Batteries are fully included.

Unprecedented accuracy

Speech APIs are often designed for general, conversational use, which means their accuracy on variable names and programming constructs isn’t good enough to get real work done. Serenade’s speech engine is designed specifically for code and adapts to your codebase, giving you the accuracy you need to be productive.

Recall @ 1
Recall @ 5
Recall @ 10
Serenade, 89%
Google Speech, 57%
Serenade, 95%
Google Speech, 78%
Serenade, 98%
Google Speech, 83%

More than dictation

Serenade can do more than just insert text at your cursor. Describe code transformations, like adding an argument, changing a return type, or moving a code block, without getting into the nitty gritty of formatting and symbols.

Control any platform

Serenade combines first-class support for Atom, VS Code, and Chrome with application-agnostic commands for switching windows, opening & closing applications, and triggering clicks & keypresses.

Start coding with voice for free today

Download Serenade and fight back against repetitive strain injuries. A free version of Serenade will be available forever. Upgrade to Enterprise for professional projects.

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