Code with voice

Serenade is the most powerful way to program using natural speech.
Boost your productivity by adding voice to your workflow.

Accelerate your workflow with voice control

Serenade's speech to code engine is specifically designed for developers. So you can quickly write code using natural commands without needing to worry about syntax.

Customizable to fit your needs

Serenade is built on top of an open-sourced protocol. Create powerful custom voice commands, write your own plugin, or discover ones built by the Serenade team and community.

command("build", async api => {
  await api.focus("terminal");
  await api.pressKey("k", ["command"]);
  await api.typeText("yarn build");
  await api.pressKey("return");

Use Serenade anywhere

Serenade provides you with the right speech engine to match what you're doing. So you can write code, update documentation, or send an email without lifting a finger.

Seamless integration with your tools

Seamless integration with
your workflow and tools

Serenade integrates with your existing tools (like VS Code, Atom, Chrome, Terminal, and Slack), so there's no need to adjust your current setup. Use voice commands alongside typing, or leave your keyboard behind.

Featured plugins

AtomAtomVS CodeVS CodeChromeChromeIntelliJIntelliJPyCharmPyCharmWebStormWebStormHyperHyperiTerm2iTerm2

Fully supported languages

PythonPythonJavaJavaJavaScriptJavaScriptTypeScriptTypeScriptC / C++C / C++DartDartKotlinKotlinHTMLHTMLCSSCSSSassSass

Even when not fully supported, you can run the most common commands in any language.

Start coding with voice for free today

Take a break from typing and use the free version of Serenade to accelerate your workflow or abandon your keyboard. For an even more powerful experience, there’s Serenade Pro.

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