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Serenade is the most powerful way to write code using natural speech.
Give your hands a break without missing a beat.

Rest your wrists while staying productive

Using a keyboard all day can cause wrist pain. Whether you have an injury or you're looking to prevent one, Serenade can help you be just as productive without typing at all. Learn more

Hands-free coding
add return false
delete third parameter
line twelve

Seamless integration with
your workflow and tools

Serenade integrates with your existing tools (like VS Code, Atom, and Chrome), so there's no need to abandon your current setup. Use voice commands alongside typing, or leave your keyboard behind entirely.

Evolve your workflow with custom commands

Use Serenade's powerful API to create voice commands that automate any workflow, from compiling code to running tests.

Cross-language, cross-platform

Use the same voice commands across a variety of programming languages and editors. Just say "add function hello", and Serenade knows what syntax to use.


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