Code with voice.

Serenade enables you to write code by speaking rather than typing. With natural English commands, Serenade is powerful but easy to learn. Abandon your keyboard entirely, or use Serenade as your coding assistant.

Get started with Serenade

  1. import random
  2. def get_random():
  3.     pass

See Serenade in action.

Take a break from typing.

Speak naturally.

Code with your voice using commands like "add function called foo" and "change word to bar".

Powerful commands.

Express complex manipulations quickly with commands like "copy function" and "delete third argument"

Easy to learn.

Don't waste time memorizing editor shortcuts. Just say what you want to do, and Serenade understands.

Your coding assistant.

Use Serenade to complement your existing workflow, or write code entirely with voice.


Get the same great experience across Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Multiple languages.

Use the same commands across multiple languages: Python, JavaScript, Java, and more on the way.