Mini-Mode and More Customization

January 19, 2021

We're starting the new year with a few exciting updates to Serenade!

First, we're excited to launch one of our most-requested features: mini-mode. When coding with Serenade, the alternatives window helps you see what Serenade heard you say and enables you to easily make corrections by saying "two", "three", and so on. But, when Serenade only has one or two alternatives show, the tall window can take up valuable real estate on your screen. With mini-mode, Serenade appears in a much smaller window that can be overlaid on your editor, and the alternatives list only takes up as much space as it needs. You can even configure mini-mode to hide alternatives automatically after a command has been executed, so Serenade is as minimally-intrusive as possible.

Check out mini-mode in action:

To enable mini-mode, click the settings icon at the bottom of the Serenade app.

We're also seeing more and more enterprise developers using Serenade for their work. To that end, we're continually adding enterprise-oriented features. For instance, the latest version of Serenade supports connecting via a proxy server, so devices with restricted network access can still authenticate with Serenade servers. And, Serenade Pro is faster than ever before, particularly on devices with lower-end specs. To get access, head to

Finally, we've heard that the `style` command is one of developers' favorites—it automatically formats your code using open-source code formatters without needing to configure anything in your editor. Now, you're able to customize what code styler is used for each language, including Prettier, Black, google-java-format, and clang-format. You can also configure Serenade to use formatters built into your editor, so if you have a formatter extension set up in VS Code, Serenade can use that as well. To change styler settings, just click the settings menu in the Serenade app, and then head to "Editor Settings".

As always, we've included a number of small bugfixes and polish updates in this release as well. For a full list of updates in the latest version of Serenade, check out our changelog. And, reach out to our community if you have any questions or feedback!