The Next Generation of Language Support

February 25, 2022

Today, we're excited to continue expanding the Serenade ecosystem with first-class support for even more languages: C#, Rust, Go, and Ruby. That brings the total to 15 languages across your favorite developer tools.

To use any of these new languages, just open up a file in your editor of choice, and start using the Serenade commands you already know. For instance, you can create a C# class with "add class", delete a Go function with "delete function", or change a Ruby parameter with "change parameter". We've updated our documentation to include examples from all our new languages so you can get up and running quickly.

We've also brought some exciting new changes to the Serenade UI. We heard consistently from our community that more options to use Serenade in a minimized state were a must, so we've streamlined the UI to make sure you can foucs on what's most important—your code. And, we've made our voice activity detection more accurate and customizable, so you can tune Serenade to exactly your speaking pace and microphone sensitivity.

Finally, we've enhanced our speech-to-code engine to understand more natural vocalizations of Serenade commands. Rather than needing to say precise commands like "add function hello", you can now describe operations in a wider variety of ways, like "create a function called hello" or "delete the next two parameters". Of course, you can continue using the commands you've already learned and the custom commands you've already created without any changes. For more, check out our documentation.

Writing C#, Rust, Go, and Ruby code with voice is now easier than ever. We're excited to see what you create! Check out the Serenade community to share what you've built and connect with other voice coders.