Code Privacy

Serenade Pro

Serenade Pro downloads its speech-to-code engine and models directly onto your device, and every command is run locally. No audio data or code ever leaves your device. Serenade retains no record of your code or audio data when using Serenade Pro. Only basic usage statistics (i.e., total commands run) are recorded, which can be opted out of.

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Serenade Cloud

Serenade Cloud is a free, cloud-based version of Serenade in which Serenade's speech-to-code engine and models reside on Serenade servers rather than being downloaded onto your device. Your audio data and the file you are currently editing are sent to Serenade servers, which allows Serenade's speech-to-code engine to give you the most accurate response for your code (e.g., taking into account code styling conventions). Code is never stored and is never used to train any models—all code data is immediately discarded after each voice command and is never persisted to disk. Audio data is stored and used exclusively to improve Serenade's speech-to-code engine.

Plugin Data

Serenade offers a variety of plugins with tools to enable powerful voice commands within other applications. When using these plugins, Serenade will process audio commands on places like websites to understand the actions you are trying to take. With Serenade Pro, none of this information is ever stored or leaves your device. With Serenade Cloud, only audio data is stored, and that data is not used in any way to understand what websites you are visiting, what items you may be purchasing, etc. It is used only to improve Serenade's speech-to-code engine.

Code and data privacy are extremely important to us. We want to reassure you that all code remains private when using Serenade, so you can feel comfortable using Serenade when working with proprietary code and other data. If you still have questions or reservations, please reach out to