Voice commands beyond code

As a developer you do far more than write code–so does Serenade. Use your voice to browse the web, write emails, send messages, update documentation, and more.

Serenade everywhere

Full web control

Serenade fully integrates with web browsers like Chrome. So you can browse the web, find answers on Stack Overflow, or open a PR on Github with voice.

Dedicated dictate mode

Dictate mode enables you to instantly transcribe your speech. So you can put your voice to work and spend less time typing.

Emails, messages, and chat

Quickly send updates to your team without touching your keyboard. Send Slack messages, craft emails, or add comments on project management tools entirely hands-free.

Quickly document code

With the ability to switch between code and text, you can write documentation without needing to worry about syntax or formatting.

Start coding with voice for free today

Take a break from typing and use the free version of Serenade to accelerate your workflow or abandon your keyboard. For an even more powerful experience, there’s Serenade Pro.

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