Get your career back

An injury to your hands, wrists, or back doesn't need to derail your career as a developer. With Serenade, you can be just as productive without using a mouse and keyboard at all.

Hands-free coding

Keep doing what you love

Give your wrists a break without slowing down. Whether you have an injury or are looking to prevent one, Serenade lets you continue doing what you love.

Powerful out of the box

Serenade comes with all of the voice commands you need without having to worry about additional configuration or hardware. So you can get started today–no additional software, eye tracker, or microphone required.

Unprecedented accuracy

Other Speech APIs are made for conversational speech so they're not accurate on code. Serenade’s speech engine is designed for programming from the ground up, giving you the accuracy you need to get real work done.

Recall @ 1
Recall @ 5
Recall @ 10
Serenade, 89%
Google Speech, 57%
Serenade, 95%
Google Speech, 78%
Serenade, 98%
Google Speech, 83%

Use Serenade anywhere

Serenade provides you with the right speech engine to match what you're doing. So you can write code, update documentation, or chat with your team all without lifting a finger.

Start coding with voice for free today

Take a break from typing today. Try the free version of Serenade to augment your workflow, or leave behind your keyboard entirely. For an even more powerful experience, there’s Serenade Pro.

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